We all had our own personal impressions of  The Queen and how we thought of her, what she meant to both to us and to the nation and even for some of us, memories of when we met in person.

We wanted to share those thoughts and memories as part of our tribute to The Queen in her Platinum Jubilee Year and asked for contributions in less than 70 words about why The Queen was so special. Here are some of them.

My mum was a true Royalist and brought us up following what the Royals were doing and I was lucky enough to meet the Queen and present her with flowers at Sandringham one New Year.
I am pleased to be leading Norfolk Scouts in the Royal Salute this year

Jane Warden

The Queen proclaimed when she was 21 in South Africa to devote her life whether it be long or short to the Commonwealth and she has performed and carried this out 110% and deserves every ones  praise she is a complete leading light to which we can all learn from, well done Your Majesty.

Dr Patrick Thompson

She is special to me because she is the mum of the world.”

Evie, 5

She is very good at saving people in the army and helping us to know that they shouldn’t fight.”

Jack, 6

She wears a crown and she is bossy.”

Keiran, 6

The Queen is very important and she is really good at being the Queen herself.”

Lillie, 7

The Queen means to me that she’s always careful and never thinking about herself and always thinking about others, she’s selfless.”

Millie, 8

She’s helping the Ukraine to not get the virus everywhere.”

Olivia, 6

The Queen means to me kindness, because she sets out rules to protect our country.”

Stanley, 6

I like the Queen because I watched her on Peppa Pig. She has lovely hair and a sparkly crown and her dresses are very pretty.”

Willa, 3

I think the Queen is important because without her we wouldn’t have someone to guide us.”

Zack, 7

The Queen is very generous and kind to older people. When they get older the Queen sends cards to them.”

Eve, 7

The Queen is very respectful to people and she is a very good Queen. She is my favourite Queen.”

Artis, 7

I just love this fantastic lady and thank her for all that she done for everyone.

Chris Fairhead

With fondest best wishes on the milestone of your Platinum Jubilee.
The things you’ve seen, the people you’ve met, the life you’ve lived. The ultimate public servant and nation’s grandmother.
All around us is in a state of flux, fear and change, you are our constant, our compass and our stability.

Lucy Harrison

Congratulations to you on your Jubilee.

Jan Darby

Congratulations on your Platinum Jubilee. You are an inspiration to the girls within Girlguiding.

2nd Thorpe St Andrew Brownies

Congratulations on your platinum jubilee your Majesty. I remember the day now some 50 years later when you presented to me a copy of The bible at the age of 9 at the West Newton and Sandringham Sunday School. And with a great deal of family members serving you over your reign. Father, Grandfathers and Aunt and Uncles we have always held you as a shinning example in our lives.

B Jarvis

I would like to add what a fantastic job the Norfolk Scouts, cubs , beaver, squirrel, guides and brownies did for the Royal Salute.They had rehearsed for several weeks and the flag display was awesomeFriendships from all over Norfolk have been made. What an honour it was on behalf of the Queens Royal Platinum occasion to take partWell done all and a special well done to Jane Warden for your excellent organisation of us all.

Patty Pye, Leader North Walsham beavers