The Queen’s Green Canopy is an initiative to celebrate The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee by encouraging people to plant and protect trees as a legacy to Her Majesty’s Service to the Nation.

The QGC invites the four Nations of the United Kingdom to “Plant a Tree for the Jubilee” and encourages people to plant well with healthy trees that will not only survive but thrive for generations to come. Everyone from community groups, schools, scout groups, corporates, counties, councils and parishes have been planting  – from saplings to majestic avenues of significant trees – to mark this extraordinary occasion. As well as inviting people to plant new trees, existing woodlands have also been dedicated to QGC by erecting commemorative plaques to mark the occasion and preserve forests for the future, in The Queen’s name. The QGC was launched in May 2021 and since then over one million trees have been planted in support of the scheme. In Norfolk there has been wonderful engagement,  the planting season ’re opens’ in October 2022 which gives you plenty of time to plan where you are going to plant your Jubilee trees.