The Platinum Jubilee Norfolk Challenge Awards will be given to those young people (and adults) who are making a significant contribution to the Norfolk community as part of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations and beyond. They have been developed in tribute to the late Duke of Edinburgh, whose own Award scheme has been so influential on the lives of generations of young people.

This is for anyone and everyone, young or young at heart, of any ability level, who is prepared to challenge themselves. We hope that everyone taking part will enjoy themselves and in so doing celebrate our Queen’s remarkable 70 year reign. ”

Patrick Peal

The purpose of the challenge is to work towards the achievement of a Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Challenge Badge. Receiving this badge (and a certificate) will indicate the individual contribution of a person towards recognising our Queen at this time for all that she has done for us.
It is anticipated that the majority of entrants will come through schools and community groups but individual entries will also be accepted.

Each participant or group is required to complete the four challenges below but can decide for themselves what level of challenge they will take on, thus ensuring that this is really for anyone and everyone. By setting their own challenges, participants will gain self-reliance, self-confidence, and a sense of achievement while celebrating the Queen’s extraordinary life-long achievements.

Being active in Norfolk

The physical challenge

This challenge relates to any aspect of physical activity or wellbeing that participants can identify from early years play through to sponsored walks or outdoor gyms.


  • Taking part in a walk or cycle
  • Organising an outdoor session of yoga
  • A beach run or visit
  • Putting on a performance or show
  • Taking part in Park Run or 1 mile event

Protecting our environment

The sustainability challenge

This challenge is about how we look after our county and support our Queen to protect the environment locally and for the UK as a whole by recycling, reusing and reducing our waste as well as rewilding and improving where we live – or any form of community volunteering


  • Supporting the Queen’s Jubilee Canopy by planting trees
  • Rewilding areas
  • Protecting insects
  • Planting wildflowers
  • Organising a litter pick and recycle

Learning legacy

The learning challenge

This challenge is about any aspect of new learning that a participant undertakes from learning a new language to finding out more about the history of Norfolk and our Royal Family.


  • Visiting a historic site or building in Norfolk
  • Learning a new language
  • Finding out more about the Queen
  • Learning a new technique or way of working such as in Art
  • Learning a new skill for example building a website

Celebrating the Jubilee

The community challenge

Take part in one of the Jubilee events being organised or organise one yourself – or simply celebrate creativity.
This challenge is about any aspect of creativity that will help to improve our local communities’ creativity and sharing our support for the Queen and all that she has done for us.


  • Organising a street party to celebrate the Jubilee
  • Making an artefact
  • Painting a picture
  • Writing a song
  • Making a video

How to Apply

Step 1

Download our spreadsheet and begin adding details of the participant(s) and the challenges they are taking part in.


Step 2

Once the participant(s) have completed the four challenges and your spreadsheet is complete please submit the details here.


We will accept entries until Jan 31st 2023 but hope to receive the majority by the end of September 2022.
We would love to see what you are getting up to throughout your challenges so please post your images on social media and tag us #platinumjubileenorfolk

If you have any questions please contact us